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Mission statement serves as a foundation for setting goals and planning. They are the basis for everything firm for strategic planning to business decisions. Marketing and practice management the vision and mission statement will guide the firm’s actions in a direction that aligns with the lawyers believe is right for the Magnum legal Law Firm.

Mission Statement

It is about understanding our clients' needs and how our firm will serve their needs in a way that is different or better than our competitors so make sure our mission statement is inspiring to both you and my clients. They should see themselves in the mission statement and think. This is my way we want our law firm to represent us.

Firm Goals and Objectives

Magnum lawyers make a modern team of lawyers and associates professional in the legal and management sector. We consult and provide service to our clients on corporate and public enterprises. We specialize our legal reasoning and practice in international business and legal areas. Teaming up as first-time international business and law professionals in Nepal, we consult, advocate, document and litigate on problems not only in legal, but also business and management way of thinking and result in client’s best interest.